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Forever is Subjective

Friends Only

Friends Only

Dr. Who - Classic (Six) Umbrella

    So...admit it! It made ya laugh when you saw the subject! Butt cramps suck but damn they are funny! WHoo hoo! Yay crappy college coffee! I LOVE YOU! If you ever need anyone to talk to you can call me anytime, 1-317-691-0161 blah blah blah you know the drill! You are my best friend and I love you , never forget that! HAVE FUN!!!!! Love, your butt cramp sister, Jen!
  • Lish I was looking through your lovely livejournal...I see Kate Hudson, and other beautiful people...however...I then see FREAKIN ORLANDO BLOOM! What is up with that? Hmmm? lol I'm just teasin you know how much I hate the dude I just wanted to give you a hard time! I LOVE YOU! Jen...OH I didn't have pizza I had spinach enchaladas!
    • Sadly it is what happens when you cast muses. And dahling...you need to add me to your friends list so you can see my actual entries. If it makes you feel any better Orlando is a representation of my gay character...which well amuses me for he is such a prettyboi!
  • So. Your random comments make me like you. Looking through your interests make me like you more. Looking through your icons make me like you lots. And being teh Maddy's Lisha, I automatically have to love you anyways, right?

    Friend me? :D
    • Now...who can turn down a friend request with so much praise. I mean really...I feel like I am the awesome!
  • Like you really expected me to not read it? I dont know what to tell you. I was never all those things you said I was, not at that point in my life i mean. I envied everything you had. And thats why we had to stop being friends. All we did was hurt eachother. I moved on. And now i can pretty much say i'm thriving.

    and as for not letting you get away with crap... i never let anyone get away with crap. ever.

    and i find it slightly comical that you contact me after the depressing midterm elections.
    • Oddly enough...the craziness that is politics always makes me think of you. Especially after the last week I spent in DC. I'm glad you're thriving though. You deserve that.
      • its basically the best place in the whole world. i love living here. even though i am surrounded by liberals, i have still managed to meet the most articulate republicans. my university has the best college republican chapter in the nation.

        why were you in dc this past week?
        • I went with Phillip. Poor kid...he might just hate everything about history and politics now. Obviously because I talk far too much about it.
          • you should have told me earlier. we could have had coffee or something, oh sorry i forgot youre the anticoffee.
            • I didn't want to interfere. I've been out of your life for a while. Coffee...yeah I still don't like it. Though I've never had trouble watching other people enjoy it.
              • And yet you found it ok to contact me days after you left? you can just tell me you didnt want to see me. im a tough girl i can take the truth you know.
                • Actually I didn't even know you were there until I contacted you. Though I suppose had I thought it through...Where else would you be.
                  • you can talk to me on aim if you want. im getting rather sick of checking back on gmail.

                    and yeah politics and a fabulous scholarship led to me attending the most expensive university in the nation.
  • I saw you comment on the fanficrants community and wanted to compliment your Harry Dresden icon...and then came here and saw this incredible theme!

    Very cool! Glad to see there are others who have been hurt by the evils of the Sci Fi Network. =P
    • Aw, I loved Harry Dresden before Sci-Fi got a hold on him. And I shall continue to love him. As should all overs. Share the Harry Dresden Love!
  • I SRSLY love your LJ!
    AND BBT? :-D
  • broadway abc


    i'm contacting you because i'd like to join broadway abc, i wasn't sure if it was best to message you or leave a comment... i'm trying the latter.

    i hope i'm able to join (i believe i meet all the requirements)

    have a nice week! :)
  • Hey there! I came across you on arabian's LJ- I'd love to read your thoughts about the second season of The Vampire Diaries. Plus your layout is badass. I think we share some common interests. :) wanna try being friends?
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