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Forever is Subjective

All that is. All that was. All that ever will be.

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24, adelle/topher, aida, aim, alias, angel the series, anteaters, apocalypse, arnold/helga, bananas, bare: a pop opera, billie piper, bones, books, borders, btvs, catherine tate, chaos, chickens, codex alera, daniel/betty, daria, david anders, dead like me, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, dollhouse, dr. horrible, england, everwood, evita, fandom, fanfiction, fiction, firefly, frances ruffelle, friends, garth nix, george/mason, gilmore girls, glee, greece, hair, happy bunny, harry dresden, harry potter, harry/hermione, hating fox, himym, history, hot chocolate, icons, j.r.r. tolkien, jack/chloe, james marsters, jane austen, jd/cox, jim butcher, john barrowman, joss whedon, jossverse, julie andrews, les miserables, life, lirael, lord of the rings, lorne, love, magic, mansfield park, mark/joanne, matrix, michael/brian, mst3k, mulan, muses, music, mythology, naruto, neil patrick harris, nightside, notebooks, oceans, pacey/joey, patti lupone, penguins, penny/sheldon, phantom of the opera, pictures, pillows, pirates, poetry, pride and prejudice, puppet angel, queen elizabeth i, quotes, rabid hot pink bunnies, rain, rainbows, rent, sabriel, sarah mclachlan, sark, sarkney, scarves, scrubs, secret diary, shakira, shoes, singing, sleep, sloane's striped socks, snow patrol, soundtracks, spain, spike, spoilers, spuffy, spydaddy, stephanie plum, studio 60, sunsets, sweeney todd, sylvia plath, sytycd, tardis, the big bang theory, the class, the spill canvas, thunderstorms, tim rice, torchwood, tracy chevalier, tsubasa, turtles, ugly betty, vampires, veronica mars, victor hugo, wajas, wax lions, webcomics, wicked, wildfire, winifred burkle, wonderfalls, writing, writing with teh maddy, zombies